New book Launch Function organised by Libord Foundation at Hotel Trident, Mumbai on 30.7.2013
Mr. Lalit Dangi receiving Businessman of the Year 2012 Award
Articles / Interviews of Mr. Lalit Dangi Published in Business India
1 03-May-2021
  Hiding the Pain
2 19-Dec-2016
  'On Sale'Tag
3 01-Feb-2016
  Staging a Comeback: Can BKC Mumbai be a Financial Centre?
4 16-Mar-2015
  Stellar Performance
5 02-Feb-2015
  Alternative Investment Avenue
6 31-Mar-2014
  The NPA Imbroglio
7 06-Jan-2013
  Into a Bull Orbit - 2013 augurs well for the Indian Stock Markets
8 19-Feb-2012
  Delisting Rush
9 13-Nov-2011
  New Takeover code and Open offers
10 16-Oct-2011
  No reason for the Stock Market to look up
11 04-Sep-2011
  Investing in Stock Markets
12 21-Aug-2011
  Mergers & Acquisitions – Global Practices
13 29-Nov-2010
  Special Report –Impending IPO Boom
14 15-Nov-2010
  Key drivers for the growth of India Inc.
15 04-Apr-2010
  FIIs Bullish on Indian Markets
16 24-Jan-2010
  Where to invest ?
17 10-Jan-2010
  Mumbai as the next Regional Financial Centre
18 04-Oct-2009
  Portfolio Talk - Market will continue to shine
Articles/Interviews of Mr. Lalit Dangi Published in Corporate India
1 31-Jan-2018
  Budget to Fuel Bullish Fervour
2 15-Jan-2018
  Consumer,IT, financial services will fare well- Mr. Lalit Kumar Dangi
3 15-Feb-2017
  Rural stimulus to boost GDP
4 15-Jan-2017
  'People friendly cashless system could be an answer'
5 15-Jan-2016
  Sensex can go upto 30,000
6 15-Jan-2013
  Cover Story - Sensex set to hit new all-time high
7 31-Aug-2012
  Bonanza for Investors
8 31-Jul-2012
  Economic Reforms
9 30-Apr-2012
  Stress in the Financial System
10 15-Mar-2012
  Union Budget Analysis (2012-13)
11 15-Jan-2012
  2012-A Gloomy year for the Stock Market
12 31-Dec-2011
  Opportunity amid Gloom
13 31-Aug-2011
  Impact of US Downgrade on the World Economy
14 15-Mar-2011
  Union Budget Analysis (2011-12)
15 15-Jan-2011
  Upward movement in the Stock Market
16 15-Nov-2010
17 31-Aug-2010
  Boom in the Stock Market to continue
18 15-Mar-2010
  Union Budget Analysis (2010-11)
19 15-Feb-2010
  Lalit Dangi –Erudite Finance Manager
20 31-Oct-2009
  Cover Story - Sensex
Articles of Mr. Lalit Dangi Published in IIFA Business Connect
1 23-Apr-2014
  Slow but Steady
Articles of Mr. Lalit Dangi Published in News Papers
1 17-Jan-2015
  Article Published in Pratahkal
Articles of Mr. Lalit Dangi Published in BBF's Forum Views
1 01-Apr-2022
  Merchant Banking In India
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